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Learn semi classical music styles like Tarana, Tappa, Thumri, Ghazals, Bhajans – Devotional, Shabad, Kirtan Dhun, Lok geet – Folk music, Film music, Dhammar, Khayal, Dadra and the Qawwali. We offer online music instructional courses for learning Semi Classical Indian Vocals on begginer, novice and advanced level. Hindustani Light established vocal music and Hindustani semi classical music lessons online on Skype for the comfort of the music students everywhere throughout the world.

The semi classical traditional music is the type of traditional vocal music consolidating a greater amount of words with an alternate beat and style, where Indian music is concerned the more capable of being heard the words the less established the melodic shape. Thumri is North India's most well-known light-traditional tune shape consummated. All things being equal, thumris depend on a similar traditional ragas despite the fact that not these loan themselves to this content loaded style which makes a similar few ragas, more often than not the more sentimental night ones, returning every now and again. The content is sentimental and reverential in nature, and as a rule rotates around a lady's adoration & love for Krishna. The dialect is a lingo of Hindi called Brij or Braj. This style is described by a more noteworthy adaptability with the ragas. The pieces are generally set to kaherava of 8 beats, addha Tal of 16 beats, or dipchandi of 14 beats.

Indian established music created over years, joining different people and social customs, thrived in courts and Gharanas, experienced advancements, but then held their Indian traditional roots. Hindustani traditional music lives on in the present circumstances, impacting tune in the prevalent music of movies – Bollywood melodies, combining with ebb and flow taste consistently, as it has over hundreds of years.

The famous Ustad Karim Niyazi instructs the technique and strategy of singing traditional semi classical Indian vocal music shape to the light traditional vocal music students in a non - focused, devoted and trained way taking after the outstanding, age old 'Guru - Shishya Parampara' (Gurukul Indian Teacher - Disciple Framework), in a family like consecrated climate. The Hindustani light traditional music ideas with their shifted styles are all the essential ideas in taking in the Indian semi classical music - Hindustani light vocal or north Indian light vocal music. Thumri, Dadra, Chaiti, Kajri, Ghazals, Bhajans, Spiritual serenades, Bhakti Geet - reverential tunes, Indian Regional Folk melodies - Bharatiya Lok geet sangeet, and qawwalis and so on are the well-known styles of light classical vocal music which depends on Hindustani traditional vocal singing music.

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