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Learn how to sing your most loved Hindi, English and Regional Songs for an event, function, and program or as a hobby. The students can set up a melody or a song inside 2 weeks. This will be 30 Sessions course separated into 10 Weekends, where a Teacher will lead one on one sessions, custom-made to the necessities of the student, three times a week. All course material will be given online by means of one on one clarification. Melodies & songs notes will be additionally shared which students can later play on Piano or Guitar.

Despite the fact that it is not required to have certification or earlier learning of light vocal music, yet good understanding of Swara (Harmony) and Rhythm (Beats) should be there to make most. In the event when students do not have knowledge about Swara & Rhythm then those students are educated in Swara (Harmony) and Rhythm (Beats) rather than directly to songs. However progressively we lead our students in figuring out how to sing songs in the course period slowly and gradually.


The famous Indian vocal music masters showing Bollywood vocal singing at Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya instruct the art and technique of singing versatile Bollywood Hindi films songs, a well-known vocal music form to the vocal music students.

The Bollywood movie songs are of a wide variety of compositions and lyrics including Hindi movies classical vocal based songs, Light classical or semi classical based songs compositions, Duet songs, group songs, solo singing songs, ghazals, society tunes, famous western songs qawwalis, devotional – Hindi bhazans, Sufi songs, patriotic subject based tunes, sentimental tunes and so forth. For singing such a wide variety of Bollywood Hindi movie songs a decent essential information and practice of Indian Hindustani traditional vocal music and light classical music is required.

Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya offers specialized short duration Bollywood Hindi songs singing courses which include learning the basics of Indian classical music and Light classical vocal music. These short term Bollywood song singing courses available online and as regular courses at Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya in India are –Bollywood vocal music hobby voice lessons, Bollywood Vocal music certificate course level courses.                                                  

Online music courses – Light vocal music online lessons available with Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya online classes is the initial level Indian Bollywood Hindi songs singing training in its own unique way helping a young Bollywood vocal style learner to understand and practice the basics of Indian movies music during the short term music hobby lessons online and certificate level music classes useful for a broader global audience.

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