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Esraj is a combination amongst saringda and sitar. The base of the instrument resembles saringda while the neck and strings look like sitar. It gives a sound particularly like Sarangi without being as hard to play. This instrument is regularly confused with dilruba. Both have a similar development and technique. The way to tuning is somewhat similar like the sitar. The Esraj is famous in the Bengal region of India.

TECHNIQUE - The technique is also a combination of the saringda and the sitar. It is bowed with a bow (known as gaz) in a way especially like the sarangi. It is bowed with the right hand while the left hand fingers the strings.

There seems to be two schools concerning the fingering of the Esraj. One approach demonstrates a solid impact of the sitar. For this approach, there is a solid inclination given to utilizing the index finger. Like the sitar, one occasionally conjures the center finger to pick up speed. This approach seems to be slightly more basic in North Eastern India. The other school of seems to show a greater amount of an impact from the sarangi. For this approach there is a distinctive inclination given to the utilization of the center finger combined with the index finger. This approach appears to have the advantage that if one requires speed, one can at times utilize either the list or the ring finger to go in either direction. It is intriguing to note however that the defenders of the "sarangi" school of technique seem to be less arranged to conjure such alternate shortcut to their technique.

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Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya offers online Esraj training lessons from best Esraj Gurus – top rated Esraj instructors in India for learning out how to play Esraj musical instrument. The online music classes with Esraj playing online instrumental music lessons encouraged on Skype and Google hangouts is the best alternative for learning Indian Esraj at home, offering affordability and convenience to the Esraj instrumental music students everywhere throughout the world. Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya offering online music lessons is advanced by the top music school in India - Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya, as the best Sangeet - online worldwide music education center in India conducting Esraj learning hobby lessons for the worldwide music students.


The popular, experienced Esraj instrumental music teachers in Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya faculty - the Esraj masters instructing how to play Esraj musical instrument teach the art and technique of playing the traditional classical Indian instrumental music form to the worldwide Esraj students in a non – competitive, committed and disciplined way through live, one-on-one, interactive online Esraj lessons, facilitated on Skype, following the well-known, age old 'Master - Shishya Parampara' (Indian Teacher - disciple system), in a family like sacred atmosphere.

Esraj instrumental music instruction and training with Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya: The Esraj musical instrument learning students seeking to look and find online Esraj teacher - Esraj master from India and for web based online Esraj class lessons select the high caliber, flexible timing, and advantageous, cost effective and cheaper one-on-one online Esraj classes by Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya. Experienced Esraj Indian artists, qualified teachers play Esraj, Esraj instrument training experts in India implement Esraj instrument playing lessons for children, school children, students and adults.

Esraj playing trainers noted instrumental musicians, Indian Esraj Gurus and International level Esraj training experts at Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya teach the energetic and lively art and technique of the perfect Esraj playing. The famed, awarded and renowned Indian classical music groups and Esraj teacher's faculty at Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Sangeet Vidhaylaya provide the high quality Esraj training to the beginners, intermediate and advanced level music students at economical fee prices.

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